The speedsuit Powers Trilogy was just the beginning...

The Speedsuit Powers Expanded Universe has launched! Author, Allen Paul Weaver III is taking on an ambitious pursuit: to tell more stories which take place in the world of Speedsuit Powers and introduces new characters and storylines. Right now, he has at least 7 novellas slated to to be released over the next few years. The first - FLIGHT: A Speedsuit Powers Story - just released at the end of August 2018. Hopefully, (if he can keep up with his writing deadlines), two stories will release next year. 

All of these stories are connected in some way. Some have limited crossover between the original SPT characters, while others have more. 

What is Allen's purpose in all of this? To create a body of work that can help inspire, motivate and educate readers towards their God-given purpose in life. If you haven't read the trilogy, then get started. If you have read the story of Curtis, Treyshawn and Kelly, then get ready! Schuyler Watkins and others are coming.