It's been a long while since my last post. Almost 8 months to be exact. Life if funny like that sometimes. After releasing Book 3 of this trilogy in December 2016 and promoting through February 2017, I realized that a break from this 8 year journey was in order. So, I stopped writing for several months to focus on other areas of my life (family, work, etc...).

I am happy to say that I am back writing!

So, what's next for the Speedsuit Powers Trilogy? New stories are coming in 2018-2019 which happen in the same "world" as the trilogy. These stories take place a few years after the end of the trilogy and introduce completely new characters and storylines! There will also be crossovers as we see the original characters of the trilogy continue on with their lives.

So, get ready as the Speedsuit Powers World opens up! The first series of books will begin launching Fall 2018.

-Allen Paul Weaver III, Author, Speedsuit Powers Trilogy -