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Just want to shout out Allen Paul Weaver III for writing the Speedsuit Powers Trilogy and sharing his imagination and insights to readers across the world.

I truly enjoyed the characters and world Allen created within Speedsuit Powers. I look forward to the expanded universe as well as reading and SEEING more of Curtis and his crew of supporting characters.

The best books/authors provide readers with more than just an entertaining story but a bit of knowledge, something to think about once the book is closed. The life lessons at the core of this story make it a highly recommended read for both young adult and adult readers.
— Edwin S. - NY
I read Speedsuit Powers: Book 2 and passed it on to my daughter (I know, it should’ve been the other way around but...) It is an amazing read! Intriguing! Suspenseful! Thought provoking! If Book One was good and Book Two is great, I am VERY EAGER to read Book Three!
— Takeisha B. - NY
Speedsuit Powers is the personification of creative problem solving.
— Al V. - NY
Speedsuit Powers is an incredible story of invention, excitement and drama that gets at some of the real issues affecting teenagers.
— Paul H. - CA
Speedsuit Powers is amazing! My son read the book and could not put it down. His teacher wants to read it after hearing my son’s enthusiasm about it.
— Sandra B. -MD
Allen Paul Weaver III cleverly addresses the issue of bullying in his novel, Speedsuit Powers. His main character, Curtis, uses his intelligence to outwit and befriend his nemesis, Treyshawn, with the support of his friends and family.
— J. Helen P. Ed.D. - TN
If you have a child living in your house, you need to order this book.
— Helena W. - NY
Just letting you know how much my 14 year old son enjoyed Speedsuit Powers and can’t wait for your next book. Congratulations to you Allen!!!”
— Dionne S. - NY
Speedsuit Powers is an epic urban adventure! I highly recommend it!
— Dorette S. - NY
What a great story! Curtis, Kelly and the other characters will inspire kids to dream big and stand firm during tough times. Speedsuit Powers will make a great gift for any kid who is about to start high school. And it’s not too late to put it on their summer reading list! It makes me wish I had paid more attention in my physics class. I hope to see Speedsuit Powers on the big screen!
— Frank G. - NY
Speedsuit Powers is a ‘must read’ book for all persons on all levels - especially our youth who experience being bullied daily. This book does not contain any profanity and will keep you wide awake at night wondering what’s next! I have never read a novel like this before! It is inspirational and motivating. The humor contained within also had my children looking at me suspiciously wondering what was so interesting and emotional. My daughter, who prefers movies over reading books has decided to read this novel. She was filled with so many emotions as well!! Needless to say, we are eagerly looking for part two or at least a movie! Thank you Allen!
— Zelda R. -NY
Speedsuit Powers is therapeutic and a breath of fresh air. I didn’t want to put it down! The story ties together different issues that youth and adults face in a way that is believable, moving and motivating. I know students will read this book and be transformed! I give it two thumbs up!
— Dr. Sharnnia Artis, Author of Moving from Ordinary to Extraordinary,. - OH
Allen created a fun character for young people to read and enjoy. The novel gives young people that spark to have a dream. The character goes through his trials and tribulations, but it shows the heart of a winner. I will be waiting for Book Two.
— Eric Cooper, Knight Seeker novel series, - NJ
Speedsuit Powers is a ‘must read’ for all ages. We need something positive to motivate our children and this book can get you started. Once you start to read it you can’t put it down! You won’t be disappointed.
— Lucille R. - NY
What a delightfully charming story. I initially read Speedsuit Powers just because I knew the author, but was so captivated by Curtis Powers and his story that I purchased a copy for my 9 year old nephew.
— Shirley D. - NY
Speedsuit Powers is a great read for teens. It has many different lessons that could also apply to all of our lives in some way. Once you start and get into the rhythm of the book, you’ll have to keep reading to find out how the story ends!
— Tseohnni R. - NY
It took me a few days to read Speedsuit Powers and cheer Curtis on, dance next to Kelly, cry along with Treyshawn, and work with Mr. Grabowski. I was impressed with the author’s gradual revelation of key facts about the ‘minor characters’ lives. I was also riveted by the realism of each character’s journey and I now eagerly anticipate Curtis’ next move. This piece of literature is replete with messages for young people, parents, educators and others who regularly interact with adolescents.
— Helena O, Educator. - NY
Speedsuit Powers is an amazing story that is sure to capture your attention! Filled with relevant issues such as bullying, coping with the loss of a loved one, self-esteem, and forgiveness. I feel it’s not only a ‘must read’ for today’s youth, but offers a great opportunity for adults to come along for the ride and together you’ll see how Curtis Powers maneuvers his way through some important lessons. I look forward to seeing what’s to come in Curtis’ story!
— Nicole C. - NY
Speedsuit Powers is an inspiring read! It captures and brings to light a hidden obstacle facing many of today’s youth. This book sends a message of hope that in spite of circumstances, youth can achieve and succeed.”
— Daren Jaime, Anchor and Host of Perspectives, Bronxnet Television
I finished Speedsuit Powers on my Kindle app for Evo! Two words... LOVED IT! Once I got going I could not put it down. I felt like I knew the characters. I can’t wait for the next book!
— Jamel S. - NJ
I am impressed with Weaver as a young author and really enjoyed the storyline of his novel, Speedsuit Powers! I know it’s a book young people will get a lot from. The message is positive, but told in an urban - non-preachy manner. I plan on calling a few friends to see if I can get a book club started with YOUR book!”
— Ms. H., Books in tha Hood, NY
I read Speedsuit Powers in 4 hours! This book is amazing! It will encourage and inspire you as I was. I highly recommend this book!”
— Jae R, - PA
Speedsuit Powers is a ‘must read’! It is inspiring and action-packed from the first page until the ending. This book is amazing and teaches something new on every page. I truly recommend this novel to anyone!
— Sadasia M., - NY
I love the characters they are strong and realistic. The story line deals with issues that young adults face everyday. The storyline not only address the external conflicts, but it gives insight into the internal. Bully issues are a serious concern in our schools and our community. I hope by reading Speedsuit Powers many will learn to deal with bully issues in a non-violent manner, heal from the effects of being bullied and perhaps not become bullies themselves.
— Phyllis M. S., CEO iPower Global Solutions, NY
I finished Speedsuit Powers and I must say it was amazing!! After 5 hours, I have been inspired beyond reason. Even though Curtis is 15 it is really easy for me, a college student, to relate to his story. Not in the sense of having to… deal with a bully, but not understanding who I am and what I want to do. I have always known that I wanted to be great, but Curtis inspires me to become even better at school and work even harder to become a Veterinarian or Doctor.
— Lexi S. - AL
I never really make time to read unless I find a book I’m interested in. I think Speedsuit Powers is great! The dialog, the story line, the characters are awesome! I keep picturing Mr Grabowski looking like my physics teacher! haha, anyway I really enjoyed the book and I know it will go places! Bless you man, I’m excited!
— Shellae S. - NJ
I read Speedsuit Powers and could not put it down until i finished. Lots of life lessons and encouragement. This should provoke someone to change their life. I recommend it for teens and adults. Yes there is a lesson in there for you as well. I am so proud to know you Allen and i am glad that God has blessed you to write this book. Looking forward for more to come.
— Lachelle W. - NY
Speedsuit Powers was a great book that I could not put down! I found a lot of myself in Curtis and have a feeling that there was a lot about this story that has a lot to do with your life as well. I definitely feel this book is something that both adults and teenagers can relate to. I am definitely looking forward to the next books and would love to see Miranda and Mr. G get together :)
— Jen K. - NY
Speedsuit Powers identifies real issues facing our youth today, as well as many situations and tough decisions that we all face in life. The author was able to capture and voice a young person’s feelings as they struggle to cope with new surroundings, troubled classmates, and not being one of the “in” crown. This book should be an encouragement to parents because the main character shows real character – he is respectful to his mother, teachers and friends. I was thrilled after reading this book when I was able to give it to an 11-year boy who is being raised by a single mom. It seemed like God had this young man in His plan as he is now reading Speedsuit Powers! Thank you for writing such a wonderful story. Not that I’ve looked too far and wide but I don’t think there are many books written specifically for this age group and gender that touch on these topics so well. This book is definitely a must-read!
— Anne L. - NY
Speedsuit Powers was a work in progress for many years; stemming from an illustration that I still have to this day of a super hero flying to save the world. It has developed into the book Speedsuit Powers that shows that anyone, including those that have physical difficulties, can overcome the obstacles they face and create a better future for themselves and for everyone around them. It’s an incredible story of triumph, family and courage. People need to read it!
— Christopher G. - NY
It’s not very often that a book grabs you, takes you for a really intense ride, and leaves you breathless and waiting for the movie and sequel book. But that is the strength of Speedsuit Powers! I read it in a short timeframe (less than 5 hours) because I could not put the book down. I had to see how the characters ultimately developed. I was not disappointed.

Author Allen P. Weaver is to be commended for creating a realistic fiction work that tackles serious issues with integrity: Bullying, the education system, family dynamics, violence, mentoring, nurturing and ultimately, supporting the creativity that lives in each child. That’s a lot to squeeze into a few hundred pages!

Speedsuit Powers made me reflect fondly on the people who influenced me during my formative years and in present day. Mr. Weaver respectfully presents counselors who truly counsel, teachers who challenge their students, students who bring out the best and worst in us and mothers/fathers who struggle, hope and work towards something better for themselves.

The protagonist is real and believable. His situations and responses are not presented in a weak way. You find yourself worrying for and about him, and cheering for…well, I won’t give that away (smile). Supporting characters are well developed and will remind you of uncles, family members, that girl in your class you always admired for being so focused, a “Quesha from the Block” type who you always hope will ultimately get herself together…and even the antagonist is a fully developed and recognizable character, who draws you into his dark reality.

I’ve said enough…Go buy two books – one for yourself, and one to influence a youth within your reach.
— Donna J., Parent & Community Organizer. - NY